Questions & Answers

Basics & frequently asked questions

  • No! GhostProject's private service is paid, easy and available to groups of all kinds and sizes starting at $30.00 per month.
    Want check your pwned emails,usernames,Phone... data leak service, or something special for your organization?

    Create a new account HERE!

  • Yes! We allow users to search through specific databases, You can only see the first 20 rows of the search results.
    (Database + query searching its only available for the business companies).

  • Not all searches will yield results. Results will only be shown if the query you searched is found in a data breach that we have indexed.

    Not everyone's information has been exposed in a data breach before but a good majority of the general population have been exposed.

  • You only pay for what you need, when you need it.
    there are no hidden fees, surcharges, or recurring charges. what you see is what you pay, and what you pay is what you get.

  • You can email us to [email protected]
    Or over Twitter @GhostProjectFR

  • After logging in you will see a div alert "subscription is valid for X more hours." on the center.
    This is the expiration of your active subscription.

  • We accept database donations through our email address. [email protected]
    Please make sure that the database you are donating is not already in our system.
    In the subject of the email please put the database name and breach date.
    Example: 01/2021
    If your file size is larger than 7MB please upload the file to and share the link to the file in message of email.

  • Account

    • Click Login > Account in the Navbar. Click the Submit button to make changes and then save the updated information.

    • Forgot your password? We do not allow account password reset. Create a new account HERE!

    • Payments

      • We currently accept the following payment methods:


      • If the following below does not apply to you,
        please send us a message to [email protected]. Make sure to include your invoice ID in the ticket.

        If you paid using a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin,
        you will need to wait for confirmations from the Blockchain before our system accepts your payment.

      • Paypal are currently stopped. You can always try the bitcoin methode.
        If the following below does not apply to you Contact Us.


      • We do not remove information to protect the integrity of the data.
        We are not legally obligated to remove any information from our website as it is considered "public information" under the law where we operate.
        Furthermore, the GDPR only covers data that we collect from our users through the means of metrics.
        As this was not collected by us, the data is not covered by the GDPR.

        If you have any further questions about our data removal policy you can contact us at [email protected]

      • We do not distribute or share data under any circumstances. We only allow users to search through the databases through our search engine.
      • To protect yourself, you are strongly advised to stop reusing passwords across multiple sites
        and always keep strong and complex passwords for your various online accounts.

        If possible use programs like KeePass or two-factor authentication to generate strong password and change them at least once a year.

      • When you visit the site we log the following information on our web server to monitor and mitigate DDoS attacks against our site:
        • IP Address
        • All search queries
        • User Agent

      • API

        • Click Login > Purchase in the Navbar. Chose the Plan you want Click the Submit button, and enjoy the unlimited searchs!

        • After logging in you will see a div alert "Your API key is: " on the center.
          This is your API key of your active subscription.

        • For some reasons of security we did raise the query searching to a cool down,

          Limit with 1-2 seconds per each requests!

          If you like to remove this limit feel free to contact us!

        • Sadly! Legal action will be pursued against those who do not follow the rules. And This may lead to close of your account.

          Check Our API Policy HERE!

        • Advanced Search Operations

          • Wildcard allows you to fill in an unknown amount of space in the query.
            Replace the unknown part of the query with an asterisk (*).
            Example: admin*
            Email wildcard queries must contain exactly one asterisk and one @ symbol

          • It is possible to perform domain searches with either Wildcard or default.
            A domain search allows you to find all the emails associated with a specific domain.
            Make sure you set the search type to "Email" and select the appropriate advanced search options.
            Wildcard: *
            And Or simply

          • The database filter allows you to specify or find all databases associated with the search query.
            Save time and click the database which you want to see.

          • Wildcard allows you to search with fuzzy matching. We automatically add * differently for each field.


            • What you enter: Bob
            • What we search: Bob*
            • Records that will be returned: Bobby is the best
            • What will NOT be returned: Big Bob

            IP Address

            • What you enter: 127.0
            • What we search: 127.0*
            • Records that will be returned:
            • What will NOT be returned:


            • What you enter: @example.
            • What we search: *@example.*
            • Records that will be returned:

            Phone Number

            • What you enter: 555-123
            • What we search: 555-123*
            • Records that will be returned: 555-123-4567
            • What will NOT be returned: 888-555-1234